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These statistics are pull from the RPG, with no abstractions made for gameplay. Email bad_syntax@ yahoo.com with questions.

The missile counters correspond to the colors on the units. Green are mini-missiles and I don't see the counters ever being used, but included them anyway. The factors are:
Top Left = Missile Count (1 to 6)
Top Right = Missile Damage
Lower Right = Missile Endurance, in Turns... very rarely needed
Lower Left = Missile Speed each turn

By having missile counters, you can have long range fire, but they are easily jammed, destroyed, or terrain put between them and the target if they are fired too far away. It is best to fire the missiles within their 1 turn range, which helps ensure hits.

Feel free to email bad_syntax at yahoo.com with questions.

The Actions by the WEAPON title are the number of actions that unit can do each turn. Usually it is 2 to 4. An action is used to attack with a weapon system, or to dodge, so it is best to usually leave a couple actions unspent so you can get a dodge on the enemy's phase. The VEF-1/VF-1D have additional actions I forgot to note as only being able to be used for Jam/Spoof attacks.

The game will play pretty simply. Basically each side rolls initiative, winner going first. Units move, then shoot, spending actions. Actions can be saved (counters) for dodges when the enemy performs their actions. When missiles are fired they are placed on the attacker, and move at their designated speed each turn along with the attacker.
To hit, you roll 1d6+Gunnery, and must beat the enemys DEF
Enemys hit have an option to dodge, requiring them to roll 1d6+Piloting to beat the gunnery roll
If dodge fails, roll with impact can half the damage, roll 1d6+piloting to beat the gunnery skill roll

Here are what some of the special abilities do, when "(ND)" appears, that is the official interpretation and not my own. When you see "(BS)", its my own rule.

Ammo = Ammo tracked on card, when ammo gone, weapon can no longer fire
Accurate = +1 to hit
Accurate (ND) = +1 to hit, but only when stationary
Afterburner = Can add another level of speed, replaces any attacks
Afterburner (ND) = Must move another move step in resolution phase, but can turn another 90
Aircraft = Can only turn once at the beginning of movement, up to 90 degrees, and must move straight at least 50% of total speed and end their move facing that direction as well.
Fast Mover = Can add another movement after attacking
Fast Mover (ND) = Can fire only 1 weapon, even with command points
Flight = Ignore Terrain, minimum speed 50%
Flight (ND) = Ignore Terrain
Focus Fire = If stationary, can fire another weapon system for free when they attack
Hands = Can climb vertical surfaces than it self (using a command point)
Hover = No minimum speed
Hover (ND) = -1 to strike it as it hovers
Leap #" = The # is the size of objects that can be ignored during movement.
Leap (ND) = Can make a single leap move, up to the same number of inches of speed. During leap they ignore terrain
Life is Cheap = Do not generate command points. Do not count for victory points, but can hold objectives. Can be attacked by friendly mecha (if in melee, or blocking line of sight)
Anti-Missile (ND) = Normally anti-missile (any weapon) needs a 6+, and uses a command point. With anti-missile no action points are required and only a 5+ is needed to shoot down the volley.
Missile = If 4+ attacks (missiles in a volley) all hit, the attack becomes inescapable and no dodge. Can target mecha within 2". When attempting to dodge a missile volley, must roll higher than the highest attack roll. Each missile rolls separately.
Anti-Missile # = Roll this number or higher to take out an incoming misile, each roll above what is needed is 1 extra missile destroyed.
Overwhelming = Cannot roll with impact
Rapid Fire = Can be fired twice, but costs a command point for the 2nd shot.
Rear Fire = Can fire to rear
Inescapable = Cannot Dodge
Split Fire # = Can split fire into 2 shots in # separate targets (2 if no number specified)
Variable Modes = Valkyries. When activating, select mode at that time, each member can be any mode.
Volley = Multiple strike rolls against 1 or more targets with 1 weapon, almost always missile. 1 ammo used.
Volley X = Weapon can fire every shot at once
Burst # (BS) = Can split fire into this many attacks, breaking up damage to each target
AI/Autonomous (BS) = Can fire without using an action (if there is a #, it gets multiple attacks)
HARM (BS) = +2 to attack a radar, if fired at anything else it'll ignore it on a 4+, and attack the nearest radar instead.
Auto-Dodge # (BS) = Gets a standard dodge roll for every attack against it without using actions
AP (BS) = double damage against infantry
Spoofer/Jammer (BS) = Each allows a jammed counter to be placed on an enemy unit. If an enemy unit has 1 counter, its sensor range is halved and -1 attack. 2 counters are half combat and -2 attacks, and 3 halfs attacks and no missiles or sensors
Vulnerable X/Y (BS) = The X is the amount of damage points that if scored, with a -Y to hit, kills the unit
Orbital (BS) = Can reach orbit on its own power
ABM Option (BS) = Optional airburst missiles, adds AE and reduces range to 64 with ahlf the damage.
Sturdy (BS) = Cannot be knocked down
Knockdown # (BS) = Target must roll a piloting skill check to avoid knockdown (with a penalty equal to #, if listed)
ROF # (BS) = Max times a weapon can fire in a turn (normally its as many actions are as available)
AE = double damage against infantry, ignores non-overhead cover
Incendiary = double damage against infantry, ignores all cover
Indirect = does not require LOS to attack, but if no spotter -3 to strike
SA = Surface to air, +1 to hit flying targets
Slow Fire = Can only fire every other turn